Procrastination – What It Is & How To Move Past It

Procrastination is a problem so timeless that humans have been battling it for centuries. But how amazing it is to see that even after all this time, more than twenty percent of the population is under the spell of habitual procrastination. Meaning they are aware of their negative patterns, still,...

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fathers parent differently

Fathers Parent Differently – What It Is & Why It Matters

Since we have known mankind, we have known the fathers to be the breadwinners and mothers as the nurturers. There are ample examples where we can see mothers being the only ones who took care of the child and provide physical and emotional support while raising a child. Whereas, we...

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week 18 pregnancy

Week 18 – Pregnancy Development, Symptoms, and More

Everybody around you might be feeling a strong urge to overload you with pregnancy advice, especially around week 18. You know what? They don’t mean any harm but the constant involvement of others can make you feel overwhelmed. I would suggest not getting irritated or explaining your life choices to...

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Mirrors on the wall

Make A Small Room Look Bigger And Livelier – 5 Best Ways

Living in a smaller space has its challenges. Although they feel cozy and Zen-like, it is very easy for a compact room to feel cramped. Plus, smaller rooms require constant upkeep and organization. But you got to work with what you have. Right? There are so many ways to fool...

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Most toxic romantic couples

The Most Toxic Romantic Couples – According to Zodiac Signs

Every zodiac sign has its ways of inflicting toxicity and damage on the rest of the world. While you may not get every detail about the person during the first few weeks of dating, astrology can help highlight some major red flags that can cause emotional damage in the long...

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Self-sabotaging behavior

Self-Sabotaging Behaviors – Why We Do It & How To Control It

Are you stuck feeling trapped in patterns that keep you from achieving your goal and reaching true happiness? Even though you try to disrupt these patterns and change your mindset, you still end up with the same doubts and worries?  Well, you might be exhibiting self-sabotaging behaviors. While it may...

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I hate my children

I Hate My Child – The Real Face Of Parenting Struggles

A bitter truth that most parents wouldn’t admit is – Sometimes all they can think is “I hate my child”. If you are the one that feels this way then don’t worry because you aren’t alone. And trust me, it doesn’t make you a terrible parent either. Parenting is a...

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Week 17 pregnancy

Week 17 – Pregnancy Development, Symptoms, and More

You are almost a month into your second trimester and the chances are that you are showing your precious baby belly at week 17. As your uterus continues to grow, the organs will have to shift and adjust a little to make room for your growing baby. Home Pregnancy Week...

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Low Libido in Women

Low Libido In Women – Why You Want No Or Little Sex!

Sex is still taboo, and talking about sex or related topics is probably one of the most uncomfortable positions for many. Women, in particular, are left in the dust when it comes to educating about sex and how it can affect their lives. A far more common topic than it...

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Aromatherapy - Essential Oils

Aromatherapy – 15 Best Smelling & Effective Essential Oils

Aromatherapy has been getting a lot of buzz lately. People are turning towards natural sources of transforming the spaces they live in. A few pieces of research suggest that aromatherapy can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve quality of sleep, and reduce overall levels of stress. If you...

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Week 16 pregnant

Week 16 – Pregnancy Development, Symptoms, and More

You are entering an exciting stage as you might feel your baby’s first kicks around week 16. Your baby belly is showing much more than the last few weeks. The second trimester will provide loads of energy. Make use of it. Indulge in a healthy lifestyle and embrace your body....

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Sibling Rivalry

The Sibling Rivalry – Creating Balance Between Siblings

I have two baby boys with an age gap of almost 4 years. And Oh My God, the fights between the two are unstoppable. So, I became curious as to why they are always fighting and Do Not get along for more than 2 minutes. The questions that popped into my mind...

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what women want

What Women Want From You – The Dark Side Of Evolution

I know, a “hysterical” question that is often used to understand what a woman truly desires. I feel, like everything else in our society, this question was also developed just to look down upon on women. Make women complicated, confused, and non-reliable beings. I have often experienced it myself, especially...

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feeling angry all the time

Feeling Angry All The Time? Anger Issues & Management

Woah! Anger is a tough one. From my experience, a million articles are talking about the tips and tricks to control your anger. But there are just a few selected ones that explain the probable root causes of feeling angry and how to manage it in a way that doesn’t...

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Neglectful or Uninvolved parenting

Neglectful Parenting – The Characteristics, Examples, & Impact

Neglectful parenting, also known as uninvolved parenting, is a parenting style where parents don’t respond to their child’s needs as often as they should. The focus is on the basic necessities like food, shelter, and clothing. The children receive minimal guidance, attention, and nurturing from their parents. It’s almost like,...

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15 Weeks pregnant

Week 15 – Pregnancy Development, Symptoms, and More

The second trimester comes with a lot of energy and an uplifted mood. At week 15, you must be feeling good about yourself. Especially with the morning sickness nowhere to be seen, should make you happy and energized. Focus your time and energy on things to be done and keeping...

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abusive relationships

Abusive Relationship – Signs and How to Get Out!

Sometimes, it’s not even physically evident that you are in an abusive relationship. More often than usual the abuse is emotional, whilst it can also be physical, sexual, or when your partner tries to control your behavior. The one abused, is made to believe that they somehow deserve the inhumane behavior. It...

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