Breastfeeding is a natural process that happens to your body for you to nurse your baby. Logically, it is for the betterment of both; mama and baby. However, recent studies show that the breastfeeding graph has decreased to just 30 percent in some groups of women. Some women choose not to breastfeed while some are unable to breastfeed their babies.

Breastfeeding – Why It’s Good For Mama And Baby

Breastfeeding is a natural process that happens to your body for you to nurse your baby. Logically, it is for the betterment of both; mama and baby. However, recent studies show that the breastfeeding graph has decreased to just 30 percent in some groups of women. Some women choose not to breastfeed while some are unable to breastfeed their babies.

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An important message

If you are unable to breastfeed your baby then don’t stress about it. The formula milk will provide the required nutrients. Breastfeeding just has many more added advantages for the baby and you.

Several pieces of research and studies believe that breastfeeding can be very beneficial for mama and baby. Here is the list of the benefits you and your baby can get just by breastfeeding.


Breastfeeding benefits for Mama

Breastfeeding can help you in so many ways you can’t even imagine.


1. Losing pregnancy weight

Did you know that breastfeeding your baby can help you burn an extra 500-700 calories daily? All you need is a healthy eating routine and you will start to lose that pregnancy weight gradually and in the healthiest way possible.


2. Heals your post-delivery body

Breastfeeding releases a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone causes your uterus to contract to its normal size quicker than if you decide not to breastfeed. Moreover, breastfeeding will help your uterus to contract which ultimately decreases post-pregnancy blood loss.


3. Protects you from several diseases

Your body becomes immune to several diseases as well as cancer for the time you nurse your baby. According to the facts, breastfeeding for more than a year reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer by 28%. Several studies have proved that breastfeeding also boosts your immune system to protect you from metabolic syndrome, heart diseases, and many other health issues.


4. Decreases post-partum depression

One in ten women may experience some kind of postpartum depression. Breastfeeding mom can reduce the risk of postpartum depression by up to 50 percent. Breastfeeding releases the hormones oxytocin and prolactin which calms your nerves and promotes a healthy healing process.

However, women who can’t breastfeed even if they want to may increase their post-partum depression. Read about how you can increase your breastmilk supply.


5. Lowers the risk of osteoporosis

In simple language, osteoporosis is a condition when bones start to lose the tissue inside hence becoming less dense and more prone to damage or breakage.

The risk of getting osteoporosis is almost four times high in women who did not breastfeed their baby than a woman who nurses her baby. Lactating women have the ability to absorb calcium more efficiently. Although, your baby literally sucks out the calcium from you once you start weaning your baby just within 6 months your bones will start to get denser. Once you cross the 6-month mark, your bones will be denser than how they were before your pregnancy.


6. Might even provide you with some free and natural birth control

Say it as nature’s way, but exclusive breastfeeding stops the ovulation. This means you’re your menstruation cycle won’t return for at least 6 months post-partum. Some women can even go up to 12 or more months without ovulating and don’t get their period for the said time. No periods mean you can’t get pregnant – free and natural birth control.

Once you start the solids and the sleep training it can be responsible for the return of ovulation. But I should warn you, you don’t rely on it like you would on a birth control pill or other methods. Nature has some loop-holes too!


7. Saves you a lot of money

The whole breastfeeding package is free with so many other benefits for you and your baby. Whereas formula milk comes with a hefty price tag and can’t even stand close to the benefits of breastfeeding.

You can easily invest in various nursing bras and pillows, electric breastmilk pumping set and so many healthy snacks for you, still you will be much under the cost you would have to spend for a year’s supply of the formula milk.


8. Saves you time and effort

Breastmilk is always readily available for your baby. You don’t have to worry about the right amount and the right temperature of the milk for your baby. Neither do you have to carry around a jar of formula milk with a flask of hot water and sterilized bottles everywhere with you?

You can breastfeed your baby without worrying about a single thing or hassle.


Breastfeeding Benefits For The Baby

Your Breastmilk is ideal for your baby’s nutritional needs. There is nothing that can match the perfection of your breastmilk for your baby.


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1. Tailor-made meal for your baby

Breastmilk contains everything your baby needs at the time. Breasts can produce milk as per the nutritional requirement for the baby. The breastmilk changes its composition as the baby grows. For example, during the first few days, the breasts produce colostrum. It is a yellowish fluid that is loaded with immunity boosters and beneficial compounds.

As the baby grows the breastmilk becomes stronger in nutritional value and the supply also increases according to the appetite of the baby.


2. Protection against skin allergies

Breastmilk is easy to digest for babies as compared to cow’s milk or any other formula you might use. Breastmilk contains enzymes that scientists have yet to replicate. These enzymes protect the baby from any allergic reactions especially skin allergies like eczema.


3. Provides antibodies and live white blood cells

Whenever a mom is exposed to a bacterium, her body makes antibodies, and then these antibodies are transferred to the baby through the breastmilk with live white blood cells. From the first milk- colostrum, the baby gets immunity booster antibodies via the breastmilk. These antibodies act as a protective layer that saves the baby from any viruses and bacteria.

The antibodies also provide a positive response to the vaccines the baby receives over time. Formula-fed babies are more prone to vaccine allergic reactions as compared to breastfed babies.


4. Reduces the risk of several diseases

Breastfed babies have high immunity throughout their childhood and even adulthood. This makes the baby immune to several diseases. Studies show that breastfed babies are 5 times less likely to catch any respiratory-tract infections and three times less likely to get infected by ear infections.

Breastfeeding also decreases the probability of allergic reactions. Besides, breastfeeding can reduce the severity and risk of getting colds and flu, gut infections, celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), leukemia, and diabetes.


5. Promotes healthy weight gain

Breastfed babies can manage their appetite. Your baby will stop when he gets full. Over-feeding is rarely a case in breastfeeding and your baby develops a much healthy breastfeeding pattern.

Moreover, breastmilk provides leptin (key hormone) and beneficial gut bacteria which are very important for storing the fat and regulating the appetite.


6. Less picky eaters

The baby also gets a taste of what you ate throughout the day as the smells and taste of your breastmilk changes according to what you eat. This exposure of flavors will help your baby to accept the solids, when introduced, more swiftly and be less of a picky eater.


7. Higher IQ level

Breastmilk contains fatty acids which are essential for brain development and act as brain boosters. Studies have proved that breastfed babies are less likely to develop learning and behavioral disabilities.


8. Builds a healthy relationship with you

The skin-to-skin bond that is created through breastfeeding releases hormones that calm the baby and stabilize the breathing rate, body temperature, heart rate, and blood sugar levels. The baby feels more comfortable around you and a good happy bonding time makes this little breastfeeding effort worth much more.