About Me!

Hey.. thanks for stopping by. 

I am Khizra.

This about me page is also something that might help some of the moms or even dads out there. Especially the ones who are trying or thinking about making their mark in the blogging industry. 

I am a mom of 2 naughtiest little boys. And it might sound cliché but my life took a complete turn especially after having my kids. 

I was 5 when my father passed away. I grew up with a single working mother. Going to work wasn’t an option for her. And she did more than she could to be there. But still, I always had that void of missing my mom and her continuous presence in my life. I didn’t want my kid to feel the same.. so I decided to be a stay-at-home mom. Well, I don’t regret it.. but I would be lying if I say I don’t miss my independent days. 

I homeschool my kids and we enjoy creativity and learning new things. DIYs, reading, arts & craft, playing brain games is our favorite. We are also learning French and Arabic these days

As for me, I like the feeling of accomplishment. I want to do something good with my life. Something that benefits others too. 

I’m also a pro (self-proclaimed of course!) researcher. I LOVE researching varied topic. Plus, it serves as one of the best time killers for me. Makes me feel like I did something useful today. So I research which then further helps me to write about different topics. 

I have been doing occasional freelance writing for about 5 years now. or random writing on several Facebook pages. Surprisingly though, I never thought about blogging. I was happy doing my small informative posts. Which I even shared at some of my social media platforms.

Sometime in June 2020, when the world was under a great pandemic, I started writing more and people (especially moms) were really appreciative of my articles. One of the moms commented about starting a blog. 

I don’t know why. But it stuck with me. So I researched and found out that it’s a cut-throat industry. But there is an immense scope for growth. So I jumped in. 

Don’t be fooled though. I worked hard. It took continuous and tremendous amount of commitment to focus on blogging and work through my daily schedule. I had to take care of my household, husband, and kids. Plus gather good quality articles. 

Although, writing and creativity come naturally to me. But no jokes. It still took me 5 months to understand blogging, websites, and all the mess and work that comes with it. 

On the outside, it might look like an easy job. But once you get in. It’s as deep as it can get. But if you pull it through the first year especially with being consistent then surely you will succeed. 

I am determined to provide you with authentic articles about your family life. Be it pregnancy, parenting, health, relationships, and even the daily household chores. I want to make this site a one-stop-shop. A place where you can find interesting pieces to read and learn from. I also share free downloadables that I design for myself and my kids too. So that’s a bonus. 

I would love to stay connected with you. Learn about your journey, ambitions, and struggles. So do subscribe to my site and social pages. 

I guess that would be all for this about me page. But if you wish to know more then you can always message me through our contact page. 

May you have an amazing life… loaded with happiness and cheers. 

Thanks again. 

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