Did you know? That the sense of smell is the only sense that is directly connected to the area of the brain where memories and emotions are processed. This makes smell an extremely powerful sense. A pleasant smell is the most attractive and scintillating thing.

Make Your Home Smell Amazing – Spilling Simple Secrets

Did you know? That the sense of smell is the only sense that is directly connected to the area of the brain where memories and emotions are processed. This makes smell an extremely powerful sense. A pleasant smell is the most attractive and scintillating thing.

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If the smell is pleasant you feel good. Whether it’s your food, yourself, or the person right next to you. A foul or funky smell is never really appreciated. The same rule applies to your home. People perceive your character based on your home.

You might even not notice the smell. Because the more time you spend around these things the more adaptive your sense of smell gets. All these funky smells become the background of your home and you don’t even know it. Therefore, it’s best to be proactive.

If your home smells weird then it may reflect poorly on you and your hygiene. To counter that bad odor, I have some tips for you.

But firstly, you should understand that a clean home smells like nothing. You don’t need to put the effort into making your home scented when it’s already nice and clean. Some people don’t like scented homes in general, while some may have health problems like allergies and asthma that fragrances can make worst.

However, for the people who love the scents of a clean fresh home feeling, here are some tips to a cleaner, fresher, and amazing smelling home:

Start with the obvious – Attack the stink-prone spots

Your home is smelling funky because there are definitely spots that are exuberating these unpleasant odors.

1. Garbage cans

Cleaning the garbage can throwing the garbage out regularly is very important if you are aiming for a cleaner and fresher home, Dirty garbage with not only make your home smell like literal shit but will also invite bugs and pests.

It might sound like a big job to do but try to clean the garbage can in and out whenever you change the garbage bag. You can use a simple vinegar-water solution to clean/wipe the garbage can. It will not only neutralize the bad odor but will also disinfect the bin.

2. Litter boxes and Pet beds

The litter box might be at the end of your home, but if it’s dirty it can make your home smell really bad. The thumb rule is to change the litter twice a week. But it also depends on your circumstances. You may have to change every other day or once a week.

Keeping the litter box clean is also beneficial for your pet. As dirty litter can cause Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) or the more life-threatening urinary blockage called Feline Urethral Obstruction (FUO).

3. Shoe rack

Unlike our face and arms, feet don’t get to ventilate most time of the day. Being covered in shoes all day long, the sweat and the warmth in the shoes become the breeding ground for bacteria – a very smelly one indeed. Then the bacteria live on your feet, socks, and your shoes.

This is why your shoe rack smells like that. And if your shoe rack is right at the entrance of your home, then bless the people who are visiting your home.

The first thing you should do is keep your feet clean and dry. Secondly, deodorize your shoes by

  • Giving them a break
  • Wear socks and do not repeat them unwashed
  • Keep your shoes in a dry, open place
  • Use dry sheets as they absorb all the funky odors

4. Soft surfaces

Upholstery (armchair, sofas, etc), cushions, bed linens, carpets, and throw pillows are basically magnets for smells. Overtime soft surfaces build the bacteria that can cause the smell. Even spills and dirt can cause odor-causing bacteria. If not cleaned properly then it can also turn into mildew or mold.

It’s best to spot treat and clean the soft surfaces regularly. Makers recommend that you can get the carpets and upholstery steam-cleaned at least once a year. As for the bed linens and cushion covers, check the label to see if they can be machine washed.

One hack that works like a magic potion is deodorizing with baking powder. Just sprinkle the baking powder on the soft surfaces and let it sit for at least half an hour. Then vacuum or clean as usual. The natural deodorizing qualities of baking soda come in very handy.

5. Wet clothes

One thing I have learned from personal experience is to never dry the clothes inside, or leave them in the dryer for too long ( like a day or so.. Ooppss). In both cases, it is going to make your home smell extremely weird and unpleasant.

Like I mentioned earlier, warmth and humidity are the breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. It’s best to dry your clothes outside like in your balcony or backyard. And always take the clothes out from the dryer on time.

A tip that might come useful is to add a little bit of fabric softener while doing the laundry, It will not only make your laundry smell fresh but will make your home smell fresh as well.

6. Let the air cross

Homes that are closed all the time build up a smell. Therefore, whenever you get a chance just open those windows to get a cross breeze. That fresh air can cure the bad smell and uplift your mood. But, be mindful of the window’s safety precautions especially if you have children or pets in your home.

Bring in the goods that make your home smell good…

Now that you have dealt with the odor-causing spots in your home, it’s time to bring some scents in.

1. DIYs

The commercial room refresher sprays are not only expensive and necessary but they are also harmful to your health. You already have things in your kitchen that are enough to make DIY refreshers. Just take half-and-half water and rubbing alcohol with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix and spritz wherever you like.

Or try making with water and fabric refresher. Shake well before each use, and mist it over clothing or upholstery after cleaning the house. Be sure to not spritz it over dust as it would clump up and if you are using it on clothes then ensure that clothes dry completely before you fold them.

2. Scented candles

Burning candles is one of the effortless ways to bring in the sweet scents in your home and awaken your mood and senses through scent and sight. While it may seem harmless to light a candle, but the truth is that most candles contain toxins that can be harmful to your health.

While candles have become a necessity for a fresh-smelling home, Its better to chose a candle that

  • Has 100% cotton wick or look for a wick made of wood that doesn’t create the ashy residue
  • Is made from clean-burning soy wax or beeswax
  • Have 100% naturally derived essential oils that are phthalate-free and non-toxic

3. Oil diffusers

Oil diffusers are a great way to keep your home smelling fresh in your favorite scent. You can easily buy a diffuser that is chemical-free and safe for children and pets. And all you need is just water and the natural essential oil of your choice to work the magic.

It’s best to turn the diffuser on twice a day for 30 minutes maximum. As overexposure can cause headaches and frequent overexposure can even lead to breathing problems.

4. Plants

If you can take care of the plants then this one is the best option to deodorize your home. There are so many plants that can bring in a fresh smell and even keep the bugs away. My favorite is eucalyptus and lemon button fern. They are not only beautiful but they are easy to manage and will make your home smell so fresh.

5. Neutralizer

If you are not a fan of scents and want to only deodorize your home then you can dry neutralizers. Activated charcoal filters are one of the best solutions that will take the odor away without adding any scent. You can sue the ones that come in small bags you can hang in stink-prone rooms or keep in stinky cabinets, shoes, or bags.

Take Away

If you want a clean and fresh home then you have to take proactive measures to avoid bacteria breeding grounds and stink-prone spots. Work in the obvious and bring in the goods to make a difference. But be sure to stay away from overdoing anything.

While choosing a scented product, ensure that you opt for a 100 percent natural and toxin-free product. As you will be breathing the scented particle, you have to be extra careful.

Moreover, It’s better to bring the cleaning into a routine rather than keeping everything for one day. Take small steps every day and you will be saved from dealing with a bigger mess one day.

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