Organizing can become very overwhelming. Especially if your home hasn’t been in the best shape lately. It can take days to properly organize and declutter every nook and cranny of your home. Some people would literally do anything but this, understandably so. organizing ideas and tips will help you

Organizing Ideas and Tips – You’ll Wish You Knew Before!

Organizing can become very overwhelming. Especially if your home hasn’t been in the best shape lately. It can take days to properly organize and declutter every nook and cranny of your home. Some people would literally do anything but this, understandably so. I have been there too. While organizing and downsizing are not the best activities to indulge in, there are a few organizing ideas and tips to make life a little easier.

organizing ideas and tips

You may think that you own all that stuff, but it actually owns you. You have to get your control back and organize your living and storage space. Let’s get started!


1.  Be Proactive – Stop cluttering from coming in

We all are part-time hoarders. We love keeping things in our home that doesn’t even get used or have any value. It’s there because it just is! Isn’t?

Michele Vig, Marie Kondo-certified master organizer, founder of Neat Little Nest, and author of The Holistic Guide to Decluttering defines decluttering as ” the act of picking what you like, picking out what you don’t like, and choosing what you would like to keep,”

Therefore, the very first of organizing ideas and tips is to manage to clutter. Look into what is useless and try to donate or get rid of things that are just lying around your house for no good reason. Getting rid of the clutter firsthand would help a ton in the actual organizing shenanigans.


2.  Start with one area at a time

Starting with multiple areas in your home can make things out of control. Don’t go big on this one. Rather start with an area that concerns you the most. Whether it is your storage room, closet, kitchen, or garage.

A good judgment about where to start can also be to look through your space from a visitor’s eye. Once you figure it out, stick to it until you completely get done with it. Celebrate your victory and then move to your second concerning area.


3.  Keep similar things together

It’s one of the organizing ideas and tips that has helped me a lot. This makes a huge difference in how you manage things in your home. Putting similar things together will make your life easier in so many ways, but be sure to pull out everything related to that particular category all at once.

This may take some time. Therefore, take the category one by one. For example, you can start with packing the winter clothes. You can also further break the categories into subcategories. Like coats, jackets, boots, sweaters, etc in winter clothes.

You can also do the same with other stuff on your home – mugs in one place, t-shirts in one corner, perfumes in one aisle. This not only synchronizes the space but will also give you a chance to see how much you have of something.


4.   Assess your space after you have finished organizing

Organizing is one thing but keeping the space maintained is another. The core purpose of organizing ideas and tips is to make a system so that you don’t have to go through the drill twice a month.

Once you have organized whatever space you were working on, assess if you need organization-solutions. These organization-solutions can be anything. A system, storage boxes, baskets, or a piece of furniture, etc.

These solutions are often necessary to keep things in place and your home spotless. Investing in such solutions might seem meaningless at first. But in the long run, you will be reaping the most use out of it. Hence, if you think that you will use the solution to its full potential then get it!


5.  Start labeling everything

Labels are like the cherry on top. They are the best way to organize stuff in place and remind you of where everything in your household goes. Be it storage bags, cupboards, pantry, drawers, or organizing boxes.

Labeling everything according to their use will create a system rather than a one-time thing. Once you are done with labeling everything, follow it strictly. The cereal should go in the cereal container and the socks should always go into the sock drawer.

You can get plenty of labeling supplies from amazon. But be sure to use furniture friendly label sticker to protect your furniture’s polish.


6.  Take inventory

Taking or editing the inventory is technically a part of decluttering process. You can basically describe it as a task where you keep, toss, or donate your stuff while organizing. After editing the inventory, you are left with items that you truly love and need in your home.

Editing is not an easy or quick task to get done with. You will have to tell yourself what matters and what doesn’t. Another important point is to keep in mind to toss the things which have been lying around useless, not worn, expired, gone bad, or did not serve you well.


7.  Scan your shopping carts

You might think how does scanning my shopping cart help with organizing. As fun as shopping can be, but overfilling the cart and buying things that aren’t really necessary means you are bringing in more. The more you have in your home, the harder it is to manage it.

Plus, overspending also puts a dent in your savings and financial standings. Scanning your cart before purchasing will not only help you with organizing your home better but will also have you save more money.


8.  One In – One Out rule

If there is one thing you should definitely take away from these organization ideas and tips is the one-in-one-out rule.

If you would really like to control your overspending and overfilling, then apply this rule in your life. All it means is that if you are bringing in one thing, one thing should also get out. For example, if you are really keen on buying a certain dress, then you should donate one dress from your closet to make space for the new dress.

Some people say it’s a Kon Mari rule. But this simple rule will keep the clutter under control and might also help you to become humble.


9.  Make a To-Do list

When you have a million things running through your mind, it is very easy to not use your free time to its best potential. Scheduling and writing a to-do list will remind you what you should be doing throughout the day.

Making a list will also help you figure out exactly where to start with the organizing. Once you have the list in black & white, you can start putting the things in motion. And as you get interrupted during the day, you can always get back to the list and restart where you left.

Plus, you can always add what you didn’t do today to tomorrow’s to-do list. I have a free weekly and daily planner that you can download and use to organize your day and home.


10. Change your habits

If you are the type of person who throws away things here and there, after they get home and then worry about organizing the home every second month, then deary you have to change your habits. The core of organizing is building a system. Otherwise, there is no use in working so hard if you are going to be back to ground zero the next month.

Even if you don’t like to, make a habit of putting things back to where they belong rather than leaving them here and there. It will take a few days to build the habit of doing so, but it will be worth the effort.

You can use some organization-solutions here to make your life easy. Like putting a table near the door where you can keep your bag, keys, and other on-the-go stuff. Or making space in your closet for the things you use regularly so that you can take and keep back the things to their specific space.


11.  Deep drawers are not your friends

Most people intentionally look for deeper drawers to keep their things in. While yes it can store a lot but it’s a nightmare when it comes to organizing and maintaining it.

The smaller and shallower the drawer, the easier it is to categorize and manage it. However, with deeper drawers, things tend to bury under the weight of other things. It will encourage cluttering and hence your spotless home agenda will be doomed.


12.  Do a little organizing everyday

It’s your home, you know what you use and what you don’t. Be mindful of that. Cleaning and organizing a little daily will save you from a bigger mess. I know it may seem difficult to accomplish given your busy schedule.

But just keep your eyes open to what goes where will upkeep your efforts of keeping the home managed and organize. You should also ask your family to chime in and manage their own things to keep the home looking spotless (at most times).


13.  Repurpose the things you have

When people think about organizing and managing the household, the first thing that pops in their mind is to get supplies. If you don’t have anything in your home that might help you, then surely you should get the organizing supplies.

But keep in mind, the more things you bring in the harder it is going to be to manage and organize it all.

Whenever you have a household task in hand, think about if you accomplish it with the things you already have. This would repurpose and will save the extra clutter. Look for cleaning and organizing hacks to get the work done most efficiently.

This will save you the clutter and promote money savings.


14.  Divide the space

Use smart and easy solutions to manage your organized space. Even after you go through the hustle of keeping everything in place, there is a high chance that it is going to get messy sooner or later.

By dividing the space, you are adding more shelves to a single space. This may be through using pull-out baskets, containers that stack, hooks, hangers, or lacks to divide the space. This particular organizing solution will put the things in order and to their designated space.

Such smart solutions will eliminate the possibility of stacking tall piles of things that are destined to topple over and create an organizing debacle.


15.  Reality check

No home is perfect. Sure, it seems as if the grass is always greener in your neighbor’s backyard. But that doesn’t mean that their life is all sorted. If you have things in your home – which I am sure most people do, it is bound to become messy at some point.

The real deal is in admitting that your home is growing out of your control and now it’s time to employ some organizing ideas and tips to take the control back into your hands.



Organizing can become awe-inspiring. Therefore, it is essential to define the reason you are tackling the project. Use organization solutions to bring in a system. The more you get along with the system, the easier things will get to manage.

Keep trash and donate bins around so that whenever you find a thing that is not serving its purpose you can put it in the related bin rather than keeping it back in your closet or storage space.

If you have family members living with you then include them in the organization process as well. Ask them to be aligned with you and take care of their things at least.

Lastly, don’t stress over organizing every next month. Schedule your time to use it more efficiently and remember that it’s okay that your home is getting messy. Focus on being proactive and keep the clutter out before it gets in.

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