The pandemic has shifted the parenting paradigm. While most things are still unknown about 2021, experts have foreseen few parenting trends that will be making a solid existence in the current year. Don’t be alarmed though!! Some are even for the benefit of the parents.

Parenting Trends – A Shift That’s Here To Stay 2021 Edition

The pandemic has shifted the parenting paradigm. While most things are still unknown about 2021, experts have foreseen few parenting trends that will be making a solid existence in the current year. Don’t be alarmed though!! Some are even for the benefit of the parents.

Parenting Trends

Undoubtedly 2020 was one of the hardest years mankind has ever experienced in the last couple of decades. Lockdowns and strict environmental measures continue in all the major parts of the world. While parents are left to wonder what they should expect of the year ahead. Well, here are the parenting trends that you might experience sometime in 2021. And these trends are here to stay. Let me tell you why! 


1.      We are in this Together

Parents are becoming more organized and they know what they are supposed to do as a ‘parent’. Gender roles are getting obsolete. Now, it’s not just mom’s duty to take care of their children and dads to earn bread for the family. Moms are seeking job opportunities and dads are taking part in raising their family.

Surprisingly, there has been a 17 percent increase in stay-at-home dads. The number of dads who take care of their family, while the mom works or goes out is also increasing steadily. Google’s research on new parents showed that around 59 percent of millennial dads search for content and videos about child health and baby care on Google and Youtube. Which is likely to increase in the year 2021.

In particular, this is one of my favorite parenting trends. Because it nurtures the father-children relationship. Fathers today are way cooler and more indulgent like they were a decade ago. Moreover, these parenting trends are all in support of family growth. It lets the mom have their careers, me-time, or just some time off from household duties. While dad enjoys bonding time with children.


2.      Homeschooling or Virtual Educational system

The online schooling system received mixed feedback from parents. While some were happy to get along with online education. Others were completely put off by the idea and decided to homeschool instead.

Some newly published research and polls show that people are more than satisfied with kids not going to “physical schools”. Although home-based learning was pretty much forced in the beginning and it was hard to adapt given the circumstances. But now the results of the polls showcase otherwise.

40 percent of the parents would like to continue the home-based learning even after the pandemic ends. They find it flexible and safer. And with the availability of resources, there is no reason to go back to the regular schooling system.

Some parents, like myself, decided to homeschool instead. Not every kid is the same. Mine specifically had concentration problems. A 45-minute class was doing nothing but making him sleepier. So, I decided to pull out of the schooling system and give homeschooling a try.

In my case, it worked very well. I was able to cover all the subjects in half the time. And I have seen several parents excelling at the homeschooling game.

Experts foresee homeschooling and home-based schooling will be growing in 2021.  A recent survey has also shown that companies are also allowing parents an option to either work from home or work with flexible hours. That is more and more reason to support this parenting trend in 2021.


3.      Over-Protective and Authoritative Parenting

Parents today, especially moms have become overprotective. About 7 in 10 moms describe themselves as somewhat overprotective. Research also shows that parents today are much more conscious and protective of their children as parents a decade ago.

But several reasons go into this trend. The world has evolved a lot in the last decade. With the boom in social websites and online presence, life for kids has become more challenging. The effects of technology and social media on kids can be very serious. It can harm the child’s safety and mental well-being. Parents have become more vigilant and cautious about what their child is doing to keep them safe and protected. They particularly worry about bullying, child abuse, rape, and kidnappings.

This worry has also given rise to authoritative parenting. Where parents try to focus on the balance of authority and emotional support for the kids. The parents have expectations for their kids. But kids being kids these days like to retaliate everything for fun. This behavior forces the parents to put extra authoritative pressure to protect their kids. But they also provide helpful resources and emotional support when their kids need them.

The year 2020 recorded a rise in audible storytellers up to 120 percent. I signed up for the audible bookstore myself to enjoy storytime with my kids. Given the circumstances, kids will become more challenging to handle. Hence, the year 2021 will see an increase in parents getting overprotective and authoritative.


4.      A rise in the use of sustainable products

Similarly, the year 2020 also recorded a major shift towards sustainable products. Especially with COVID-19, its environmental concerns, and product shortages, parents were forced to look for a more reliable option.

Sustainable products really showed people that it is the better way to go. And with the epitome of COVID, the impact was on a much larger scale. Parents became more aware of the products and sought out companies who really cared about sustainability and are eco-friendly. Parents want the best for their children. They want to provide a better world for their children.

The pandemic gave a big push to sustainability. With a million negative things happening in the year 2020, parents were more concerned for their and their kids’ future. People became more aware of sustainable products and lifestyles.

In fact, a recent Deloitte Global Millennial Survey found out that more than 40 percent of millennial parents prefer to buy from companies that are eco-friendly and provide sustainable solutions. Hence, the experts believe that the year 2021 will go big on suitability concerning parenting trends.


5.      Every bite counts and Weight-watch

The pandemic really showed that how weak our immune system is. With more and more people getting affected by COVID, the attention shifted towards what we are putting in our bodies.

Healthier living has always been promoted, but the majority of people didn’t pay attention to it until recently. In the current year, it is foreseeable that parents will become more conscious of what they are putting on the dinner table for their family to promote a healthier immune system. Such parenting trends will increase the basic awareness about healthy lifestyles.

While it is extremely important to focus on healthier living and healthier eating habits. People all over the world have observed weight gain. Not just in children but apparently adults as well. This is one of the drawbacks of lockdowns. Families were restricted to their homes, which encouraged a sedentary lifestyle. There wasn’t much to do. Hence all they did was sleep, eat, repeat!

If families do not introduce some kind of physical activity or exercise at home for EVERYONE, 2021 will record an increase in families getting obese and unhealthy.



6.      Intentional screen-time

Back to the basics of trying to balance the productive screen time with leisure screen time. This will be a bigger parenting trend (also a parenting concern) in 2021 like it was in last year.

Like I mentioned earlier, thanks to the pandemic we have nowhere to go. All we can do is stay at home and embrace home-life. While there are only so many things you can do at home.

Especially with parents, it became a tougher job to be mindful of the environmental concerns, monitor their child’s online or home-based education, keeps everything sanitized with all the other household chores, and then deal with their kid 24/7.

Now for the kids, they get bored easily. They want to do something at all times. Parents were tired of their child continuously asking “What should I do now?”. The only way out to some peace was to handover the digital device and let your kid enjoy some screen time. While the parent took some me-time for themselves.

Might sound selfish but this is the only solution sometimes. It’s tough keeping up with these insane little creatures who are capable of chewing your brain and shredding your patience into tiniest little specs.

Managing the screen time would be a big concern and a bigger parenting trend. As parents themselves are overindulging in their screen time limits. If you would like to read about how to manage screen time then read this article.



7.      A shift in work-life balance

One thing the year 2020 made pretty clear was that parents can work from home and produce quality work as they would normally. The organizations who were considered and supportive of their employees reported that work from home culture was better and produced improved results.

People were happy to be in their homes with their families. Especially at the time of the pandemic. It came as no surprise that a shift in work-life balance during the year 2021 will create a shift in the parenting trends.

Some organizations exploited the work from home culture by loading their employees with work. This disturbed their work-life balance. As the 9-5 job became an all-day-all-nighter job. While there are also organizations that became more supportive for parents who would like to work from home or through flexible hours.

Several polls and surveys have shown that more parents will choose to work from home in the year 2021. The year might also see a rise in working moms. It will become easier for moms to seek home-based jobs or freelance work. This way they can earn and also spend time with their children.

Emerging facilities like Telehealth and online support for parents has also made it easier for parents and families to sail through these tough times with fewer obstacles in the year 2021. Can you believe that there are a diaper subscription and virtual support to assist new millennial parents?



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