Most toxic romantic couples

The Most Toxic Romantic Couples – According to Zodiac Signs

Every zodiac sign has its ways of inflicting toxicity and damage on the rest of the world. While you may not get every detail about the person during the first few weeks of dating, astrology can help highlight some major red flags that can cause emotional damage in the long...

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Low Libido in Women

Low Libido In Women – Why You Want No Or Little Sex!

Sex is still taboo, and talking about sex or related topics is probably one of the most uncomfortable positions for many. Women, in particular, are left in the dust when it comes to educating about sex and how it can affect their lives. A far more common topic than it...

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what women want

What Women Want From You – The Dark Side Of Evolution

I know, a “hysterical” question that is often used to understand what a woman truly desires. I feel, like everything else in our society, this question was also developed just to look down upon on women. Make women complicated, confused, and non-reliable beings. I have often experienced it myself, especially...

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abusive relationships

Abusive Relationship – Signs and How to Get Out!

Sometimes, it’s not even physically evident that you are in an abusive relationship. More often than usual the abuse is emotional, whilst it can also be physical, sexual, or when your partner tries to control your behavior. The one abused, is made to believe that they somehow deserve the inhumane behavior. It...

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Cheating in a relationship

What’s Cheating In A Relationship – For Both Genders

A question that most couples go through at least once in the span of their relationship. People often find loopholes just to make sense of their actions in their relationships. But, a very clear and short answer is; If you feel you are doing something wrong and it might hurt...

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Boundaries in a relationship

5 Types Of Boundaries In A Relationship

When you think about boundaries in a relationship, most people tend to get offended by them. They feel “true relationships” don’t need boundaries. There should be a fairyland with absolute love and trust. Whereas the truth is undeniably the opposite. There are different types of boundaries that you can work...

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Compliments for men

Compliments For Men That They Can’t Resist – What Men Want

Praises have always been women-centric. Sadly though, most men do not get to enjoy the adrenalin rush of good praise. Maybe because of their strong appearance or rough’n’tough personality, it is often preconceived that men don’t need compliments. However, that not what men really want. They love compliments as much...

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Type of Friends Every Group Has – Which One Are You?

Friends are family. They bring positivity, support, and happiness into our lives. Even researchers believe that healthy social life plays an important role in keeping your heart and mental health in check as good friends can bring you comfort and joy and help relieve stress, loneliness, and isolation. Every friend group has...

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long-distance relationship

Long-Distance Relationships – Expectation Vs Reality

The world is growing closer. It’s easier than ever to connect with someone miles apart. Thanks to our mobile and other digital devices that help us explore new opportunities beyond borders. One of those opportunities is finding love. Hence trying luck with a long-distance relationships. Home Relationship Long Distance Relationships...

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healthy relationship

What Healthy Relationship Means – 10 Things You Should Do!

At the ground level, a healthy relationship means that you are happy and satisfied with your relationship. But it is not as easy as it sounds. Happiness and satisfaction are different for every individual. When you look deep into the mechanics of a healthy relationship you will find a few...

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men and women

Understanding Men Vs Women – How To Crack The Code

Emotional intelligence is one of the core factors that extend the information about how the genders perceive emotions in general differently. Several kinds of research have tried to find out exactly what makes men and women so different, emotionally. Essentially, we all are the same at heart. Then why men and women...

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stage 5 love

Five stages of Love – Only A Few Can Make It Through Stage 3

Every relationship goes through good and bad stages. Especially in this age, when everything is so perishable and replaceable. Maintaining and sticking to a relationship and committing to love has become much more complicated. Home Relationship Five stages of Love – Only A Few Can Make It Through Stage 3...

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10 Most Important Things In A Relationship

Relationships are hard. It takes a lot to handle and nurture a relationship. Whether your relationship is romantic, blood, friendship, or just acquaintanceship, it requires dedication, focus, and an honest will to give what the relationship requires. Home Relationship 10 Most Important Things In A Relationship 10 Most Important Things...

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