Procrastination – What It Is & How To Move Past It

Procrastination is a problem so timeless that humans have been battling it for centuries. But how amazing it is to see that even after all this time, more than twenty percent of the population is under the spell of habitual procrastination. Meaning they are aware of their negative patterns, still,...

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Self-sabotaging behavior

Self-Sabotaging Behaviors – Why We Do It & How To Control It

Are you stuck feeling trapped in patterns that keep you from achieving your goal and reaching true happiness? Even though you try to disrupt these patterns and change your mindset, you still end up with the same doubts and worries?  Well, you might be exhibiting self-sabotaging behaviors. While it may...

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feeling angry all the time

Feeling Angry All The Time? Anger Issues & Management

Woah! Anger is a tough one. From my experience, a million articles are talking about the tips and tricks to control your anger. But there are just a few selected ones that explain the probable root causes of feeling angry and how to manage it in a way that doesn’t...

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Stop making others happy

Stop Trying to Make Everyone Happy! – Here’s Why & How

I am guilty of falling into this trap personally. I remember how miserable it can make a person feel. Giving all of your efforts, to make someone else happy Isn’t Worth It! Yes, I said it out loud. It may come across as selfish but the phenomena behind trying to...

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Low Self-Esteem – Improve Your Self-Esteem For A Happier Life

In an age like today, where everybody has become super competitive, it has started to affect people’s mental health highly. Everyone is reluctant on putting their best foot forward or at least “pretend” that they are living their best life. Which intentionally or unintentionally leads to low self-esteem in many...

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Emotional Self-care and mental health

Emotional Self-Care – Easy Ways To Improve Mental Health

Emotional self-care is being aware of your emotions and taking the right step to care for and honor these emotions. Research conducted to test emotional health effects on overall health shows that emotional distress can actually create distress and susceptibility to several physical illnesses like cardiovascular diseases, viral infections, and...

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body positivity

Is Body Positivity Normalizing Unhealthy Bodies and Lifestyle?

Body positivity has started taking a toll on people’s mental health now. With time everything becomes a little twisted. The same is the case with body positivity movement. I am sure we all have heard about body positivity or body confidence at least once in the last few days. Home...

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skin care

SkinCare – How To Take Care Of Your Skin Type

Skincare is not just about hoarding onto luxury skincare items and then hoping that it will magically make your skin as smooth as a baby’s bottoms. Skincare is more of a lifestyle than a simple regime. Undoubtedly, skincare plays an important role in making you feel good, confident, Home Self-care...

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Self-Care – What It Means & How It Works!

If I ask you right now, “do you take care of yourself?” Your answer would probably be yes. But If I ask “how exactly or in what ways are you taking care of yourself?” This is when things will get tricky and confusing about self-care. Home Self-care Self-Care – What...

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ADHD – What It Means, Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurological disorder that may cause above-average hyperactivity and trouble controlling impulsive behavior. ADHD affects areas of the brain that helps to focus and pay attention. Home Self-care ADHD – What It Means, Causes, Symptoms, Treatments ADHD – What It Means, Causes, Symptoms, Treatments...

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Anxiety – The Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Preventions

There is nothing wrong with feeling anxious. Anxiety is a completely normal human emotion. However, if you continue to feel anxious for more than 6 months straight, the feelings become more intense, and it starts to interfere with your daily life, then you might be struggling with an anxiety disorder....

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mental health

Mom’s Mental Health – The Most Important Support

It’s okay to feel that you hate being a parent sometimes. And it doesn’t change the fact that we love our children to the ends of this world. Every parent goes through a similar feeling at least a couple of hundred times throughout their lives. Home Self-care Mom’s Mental Health...

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oil pulling

Oil Pulling – How to Do It, Health Benefits, and Side Effects

Recently a lot of people have been trying oil pulling. Although it seems like a growing trend, it’s nothing new. Oil pulling dates back 3000 years!!! It is a type of Ayurvedic method used to maintain oral health. The concept is to swish oil in your mouth for around 20...

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weight loss

Baby weight – Post-natal weight loss guide

Until and unless you were highly fit during your pregnancy, there are chances that you are dreading all that postnatal baby weight. And the journey of weight loss might seem aloof. Home Self-care Baby weight – Post-natal weight loss guide Baby weight – Post-natal weight loss guide Self-care / By Khizra Khan / December...

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Edamame fats

Good Fats – 15 Foods You Need In Your Diet

Several recent studies and researches have proved that good fats are actually very essential for you. Good fats are not only delicious but they provide energy and other important nutrients to your body and brain. Home Self-care Good Fats – 15 Foods You Need In Your Diet Good Fats –...

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