Every parenting case is different. Parenting style can differ from one child to another, even in the same household. However, for most single parents, parenting becomes a notch tougher because of an added disadvantage. The disadvantage is loneliness. Dealing with personal and professional life alone. 

Single Parents – Their Life With Their Struggles

Every parenting case is different. Parenting style can differ from one child to another, even in the same household. However, for most single parents, parenting becomes a notch tougher because of an added disadvantage. The disadvantage is loneliness. Dealing with personal and professional life alone. Single parents face the same setbacks while raising their children as normal parents do. The difference is that they have to deal with everything on their own. They don’t have anyone to fall back on. To rely on.

Regardless of the status, gender or circumstances, every parent wants to give the best to their child. For single parents, however, life becomes hard the moment they get to the single-parenthood status.

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Society treats single parents as someone who doesn’t know what they are doing or aren’t doing what they should. Single parents put in double the effort to make a living for themselves and their kids. They deserve, if not more, equal respect and appreciation than what they get.

There are so many things that you might not know about single parenthood. If you are a single parent, switching to single parenthood, or have someone who is a single parent, this article highlights the struggles a single parent goes through every day.



1.    Penny pincher

Giving a satisfactory living to themselves and their children requires a core understanding of how to manage the finances in the most efficient way possible. Single mommies and daddies use the monetary pressure to turn up with the best bargain deals and innovative ways to make the ends meet and save at the same time. Single parents are always worried about the money factor even if they have the money or not.

2.    Scared of failure

There are too many stakes for single parents to lose. It’s not just about them, it is also about the well-being of their children. Single or not, no parent would want ever want their children to suffer in any way. As for the single parents, the burden to keep the family safe depends solely on them. They don’t have a partner to depend on if things go south. Single parents are extra cautious about their decisions and their consequences.

3.    Burdened with parent guilt

No matter how perfect they are as a single parent, they always doubt their competency to achieve what it takes to be the perfect version of themselves. They try to single-handedly manage EVERYTHING whether it’s juggling time between work and family, fulfilling their household duties, managing their minuscule social life, and doing all the remaining million tasks as a single parent. When a thing doesn’t work out as planned, single parents feel the burn much in an augmented manner.

The guilt remains, but they cannot give up. They put in more effort to make the best of what they can at their best.



4.    Is exhausted all the time

It may come as no surprise, managing everything at once can take away the good night’s sleep. Single parents have a lot on their plate. They would rather do a task then get some rest. From 7 in the morning till midnight, they are on their toes getting things done. Even a short 10-minute naps are just 10 minutes of eyes shut but an active brain.

They are always worrying about accomplishing their daily duties, hustling, and surviving the day without failures.

5.    Would appreciate a helping hand

Single parents are careful while asking for help because they know that people will jump on them with judgemental opinions of not being a competent parent, the moment they ask for help.

No parent would ever want to come across as incompetent. Nevertheless, they do indeed need an extra helping hand. If you offer a genuine hand of help, they might accept. Be sure to show your honest intent to help and not a mission to rescue or brag about your competence.

6.    Always conscious of the single parenthood status

Even though it might seem that the status quo regarding single parenthood is no more, but the truth is that people still judge single parents and their ability to raise stable and successful humans. Most of the single parents are well-aware of the fact that society is judging them on their every move. It likes walking on eggshells.

It makes them more conscious than ever regarding their parenting style and decisions. If you have single parents in your friends or family, then show your support and appreciation to boost their parenthood confidence.

7.    Their children come first

Although it is true for most parents, single parents have a lot more at stake which makes them more focused on their kids. The sole reason they choose to live the tough single-parent life is to support their children the best way possible.

Nothing matters to them more than the well-being of their children. Sometimes they might get mad and frustrated but these sour feelings can never overshadow their love and affection for their kids.

8.    Craves for some alone time

Over-dose of anything can be harmful. A change is necessary. Even if it means a few hours away from their children to spend some Me-time. Single parents are tired, exhausted, sleep-deprived, over-worked, and always under pressure.

They need some time to themselves where they can focus on themselves and let go of the worries for an hour or two just a couple of times a month.



9.    Need a support group

A group of people who have a similar lifestyle as yours is always a blessing to have around. Single parents are alone and parenting can sometimes become overwhelming. Support groups for single parents are a great platform where they can share, learn and understand single parenthood.

Moreso, learn about coping with life in the best way possible and making most of every situation.

10.  Knows they are not perfect

Single parents know that they are very much flawed. It’s undeniable. With a million things running on their mind, they cannot be perfect. They make mistakes and try to learn from them. If you see a single parent struggling through something, try to help them out in the best way possible without calling them out on their mistake.

They are well aware of their mistakes, you telling them about it is only going to stress them out even more.

11.  Are anxious about punishing their children

Single parents are all on their own especially when it comes to disciplining their children. They don’t have the support of a second parent to play the good cop bad cop with.

The relationship they share with their children is extremely dear to them but they have to do what’s necessary to discipline the kids. Though, you will catch them making up for the scolding and punishments with hugs and treats which sometimes seems to be weird to other parents. But that’s how single parents deal with their kids.

12.  Apprehensive about love life

Love life is usually at the very end of their priority list. But the fact is that they miss being loved and taken care of. Dating for single parents comes with the disclaimer that no matter what, their children always come first.

They will not allow a person in their life who doesn’t respect their children. There is a constant worry about protecting their children from any trauma or confusion. Single parents are very anxious about their love life and who is worthy enough to be introduced to the family.

Nobody has life all sorted and perfect. Be it the normal couple parents or single parents, everyone has their own struggles. Until and unless you are in their shoes, you can never fully understand their life. Be kind to everyone around you and help them in the best way you can. Your little supportive gestures can make a big difference in their day.