Every zodiac sign has its ways of inflicting toxicity and damage on the rest of the world. While you may not get every detail about the person during the first few weeks of dating, astrology can help highlight some major red flags that can cause emotional damage in the long term. Many zodiac signs may “look good” together at first, but when you look closely, they are in the running to be one of the most toxic romantic couples.

The Most Toxic Romantic Couples – According to Zodiac Signs

Every zodiac sign has its ways of inflicting toxicity and damage on the rest of the world. While you may not get every detail about the person during the first few weeks of dating, astrology can help highlight some major red flags that can cause emotional damage in the long term. Many zodiac signs may “look good” together at first, but when you look closely, they are in the running to be one of the most toxic romantic couples.

Most toxic romantic couples

Compatibility is the most important thing when you want the relationship to live a happy and healthy life. All the love, sex, and money in this world aren’t enough to keep a relationship going if it lacks compatibility. While getting to know each other requires serious time and effort, astrology can make your life easier by pointing out aspects that are enough to understand if you can make it work.

Every relationship goes through the five stages of love. It is very common for things to run smoothly in the beginning and then take a sharp turn as soon as the reality begins to creep in. Honestly, it takes very little for “good-looking” relationships to become one of the most toxic romantic couples if it lacks compatibility. Because you see, every person is flawed in some way and we all have toxicity. But when the wrong types of people are put together, be it close or in a long-distance relationship, they will always bring out the worst in each other. This article lists all the toxic signs that aren’t a good fit for you.

The Most Toxic Romantic Couples

These toxic romantic pairings are glazed with mutual attraction, sexual tension, twisted mind-games, and emotions. We know that regardless the relationship looks fiery on the surface, it’s broken inside and doesn’t hold a chance to stand against the time. These zodiac signs cannot even move past the first two stages of love without creating a toxic relationship. Plus, they can cause serious mental and emotional damage to each other.

1.  Aries and Taurus

People who belong to the Aries zodiac sign are direct. They don’t like playing mind games or indulging in small talks. However, they are also known to be quite selfish and stubborn in their ways. When it comes to relationships, Aries wants to be the main character. They can’t handle being the one in the back seat. On the other hand, we have Taureans who believe they are right and wouldn’t let anybody tell them otherwise (even when they know they are in the wrong).

These two, when in a relationship, constantly bud their heads together the most. Both of these signs are null in communication skills. They both have ego issues. They both love to give bits of advice but rejects to receive it. Hence, it is very evident that Aries and Taurus together are nothing short of mayhem. Especially when it comes to break-ups. Aries will vanish in the thin air by following the ghost protocol whereas, Taurus will dig as deep as they can to get an explanation. So, you see, no long-term good is expected from this pairing other than being one of the most toxic romantic couples.

Other zodiac signs that are not a good romantic match for Aries are Cancer, Capricorn, and Aries themselves.

2.  Taurus and Sagittarius

Opposites attract is an old-fashioned saying that doesn’t apply to long-term healthy relationships. This is evident in Taurus and Sagittarius couples. They have nothing in common. While Taurus has mastered themselves to rely on the art of stability and predictability, Sagittarius has a flaming desire for spontaneity and seeks an adventurous life. Their chemistry may have a spark in the beginning but both will soon realize that their lifestyles and thinking process are miles apart. It is because their compatibility score is dead-low. The huge difference in their personality can cause a stir in their relationships at almost every other event.

Sometimes, Taureans may feel that Sagittarians bring a kick to their life by forcing them to live in the moment and try new things. But this factor will soon become bothersome as, by nature, Taureans cannot fathom being in the unknown territory. Plus, Sagittarians have their way of swinging more towards the things that they are not supposed to do. Their toxicity can impact the Taureans in some of the worst ways possible.

Gemini, Aquarius, and Aries also do not fit well in a romantic setting with Taurus.

3.  Gemini and Scorpio

Gemini can’t stand someone who might take away their spark by leading a boring life. Another thing that puts off a Gemini is poor communication skills. They want to have honest and intellectual conversations. And someone open to trying new experiences with them. Given all this, Scorpio is possibly the worst paring for Gemini. Scorpions are workaholics and tend to be more than what Geminis can handle. As they like to dig deep whereas Geminis like being shallower. It may seem like a fling at first, particularly for Scorpions.

Communication between the two is unbearably horrible. They both have different patterns of thinking. Geminis are light-hearted and fun-loving. Whereas, Scorpions are mostly inclined toward dry, dark, and sarcastic humor. These two are capable of turning a normal discussion into a nasty never-ending argument. As Scorpio will hold a grudge and Gemini will try to move past by forgetting and forgiving. This pairing is going to set hell on the loose and toxicity will spread in both of their lives making them one of the most toxic romantic couples.

Keep in mind to steer away from Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorns as they might also bring out the worst in you in a romantic relationship.

4.  Cancer and Aquarius

Cancerians are the ultimate caretakers. They are nurturing, sensitive, and highly emotional beings. One thing they are always ready to do is to listen, communicate, and connect on an emotional level. While they are so caring towards others, they expect the same. Therefore, it is fairly tough for Aquarians to match that level as they detest someone who has so many feelings. Aquarius is a free-spirited being that will bud heads from the get-go with homebodies Cancerians.

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Aquarius like to correct everything wrong in their way and Cancer does not like being corrected or told that they are wrong. Whiles Cancer loves some alone time, Aquarius is big on social life. Staying at home is what cancer craves the most. Whereas, Aquarius would love to have an adventure that refuels their adrenaline. It is pretty evident that both of these signs are not compatible with each other. Cancer has a bone to get super clingy and needy, which is one of Aquarius’ vilest nightmares. They are poles apart and the blame game is bound to happen. Especially when the breakup happens, one would say the other was too loose or rigid. Nobody will take the onus of what was meant to happen from the start.

In addition to Aquarius, it is best to not get into a romantic relationship with Sagittarius, Aries, and Gemini if you want to avoid being the most toxic romantic couple.

5.  Leo and Capricorn

Leos are known to be charismatic. Undoubtedly, Leos are one of the strongest signs in astrology. They turn heads wherever they go and it may seem that there can be plenty of compatible matches for them. However, they are not everyone’s cup of tea, especially a big no-zone for Capricorns. Leos have a carefree, live-in-the-moment type of nature that is Not admired by Capricorns. In addition to this, Leos can be particularly arrogant and stubborn. Their constant need for admiration and attention is a massive put-off for Capricorns.

Leos find it hard to like someone that is all about work – Capricorns. They are quick to assume and make a judgment about how boring this relationship is going to be. Leos often feel neglected by Capricorns as they have no interest in admiring Leo 24/7. Achieving a long-term healthy relationship with Leo and Capricorn are very slim instead, they are more capable of turning up among the most toxic romantic couples.

Zodiac signs that are Leo’s worst romantic matches other than Capricorns include Virgo, Cancer, and Pisces.

6.  Virgo and Aries

Another great example of the opposites attracts approach is nothing but a scam that doesn’t work for long-term relationships. Virgos are prudent and they want the best out of every relationship. They also tend to self-sabotage a completely healthy relationship just because they are afraid of abandonment. When it comes to romantic relationships, they want someone who can handle their million questions while being completely patient and assuring. This doesn’t sit well with Aries.

Aries is impulsive and not as considerate as Virgo would like them to be. Both have completely different approaches to life. The early attraction will soon turn into frustration. Where Virgos need stability, Aries strive on challenges and constant stimulations. Virgo and Aries are the most toxic romantic couple in the making, it is guaranteed that there will be constant fights and unintentional insults. Because Virgos have a higher sensitivity and emotional quotient than Aries.

Virgo can also bud heads with Libra, Pisces, and Leos. Therefore, it’s best to keep your relationship at a friendship level with them.

7.  Libra and Scorpio

Libras are all about balance, fairness, light, and fun conversations. They care more about others and consider themselves to be the life of a party therefore it is very easy for other signs to get along with Libras. On the other side, Scorpions do not worry much about other people and focus on their goals single-mindedly. Although at first, it may look like love at first sight. But in the long term, this can sometimes baffle Libras. Another factor that sets them apart is jealousy. Scorpions can be dry, dark, sarcastic, and jealous when they feel out of their comfort zone. Libras are easygoing and love a lit social life.

A romantic relationship between an indecisive Libra and over-controlling Scorpio will take no time heading south. Scorpions take life very seriously and they plan accordingly to always seem to keep an upper hand. Libras can be laid-back and care more about making an impression. Henceforth, Scorpions will try to take control over Libra by forcing their ways of living. And nobody likes to be told how they are supposed to love their life. It’s best for both of these to stay away from each other.

It is not feasible for Libra to pair with Pisces, Virgo, and themselves. The doubles pairing of Libra is also too toxic as they can be very judgmental, shallow, and self-involved.

8.  Scorpio and Leo

The toxic match of Scorpio and Leo is like mixing fire and water together. Scorpions are deep and emotional to the next level. They have a very strong power that attracts you to them but sometimes they tend to be overpowering in a relationship. As for the Leos, they can’t stand being dictated. Leo and Scorpio often get stuck in a power struggle between the two. Too much power can be destructive and this is the case with this duo.

Their stubborn nature causes constant clashes between them and neither of them is willing to compromise or back down. Both seek power and no one stands down and is adamant to prove their point. They are more than qualified to be the most toxic romantic couple as both find it hard to settle down while taming their ego and over-controlling nature.

Scorpions want someone who can balance their element. Libra and Gemini are not of the signs that can settle with Scorpios for a long-term healthy relationship.

9.  Sagittarius and Cancer

Sagittarius is a wave of fiery energy. Adventure and challenging experiences are what keep them going. They have a constant need for fun and spontaneity. This zodiac sign takes life to a next level and you can expect that things will get bigger and livelier. One thing they cannot cope well with is emotional ties. Cancer, on the other hand, lives off daydreaming and emotional dependency. Showing over-protective love and being the caretaker is a vital part of their personality that they cannot let go of.

Sagittarius runs the opposite way when emotions begin to creep in. Sagittarians simply reject Cancerian’s sensitivity. Preferring to be alone and carefree is their motto of life. They can’t risk setting aside their adventures to be there for someone who is emotionally very high-maintenance like Cancerians. Even at the time of breakups, Cancerians can get stuck emotionally and may become clingy. Sagittarius gets frustrated, rude, and destructive.

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Knowing Sagittarius, they make the most toxic romantic couples with Taurus, Pisces, and Virgo.

10.  Capricorn and Gemini

Capricorns are ambitious and mature. Being career-oriented and achieving their goals is their ultimate preference. They seek partners who have similar mindsets or more like someone who prioritizes the similar things in life. This is another way to ensure that nobody pulls them off their career-focused track. Gemini however, is all about lightening up the situations. They don’t mind deviating for the sake of fun. The nature that the two share is also poles apart. They both speak completely different languages. Where one seeks fun, the other is serious by default.

The compatibility between the two is low enough to make them the most toxic romantic couple. Gemini’s humorous attitude can become frustrating for all-serious Capricorns. Soon, their “love at first sight” will get eaten by complaints. Gemini will think of Capricorns to be rigid and cold. Whereas, Capricorns will consider Gemini to be overly childish and juvenile. Eventually, they will end up having continuous and heated arguments even at the good times.

Aquarius, Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius are among the worst romantic matches for Capricorns. The mood clashes between these zodiac signs can find ways to a toxic relationship.

11.  Aquarius and Taurus

This free-flowing zodiac sign loves to live on its own rules and not confine its creativity to the norms of the world. Being around people and living their life to the fullest is what they desire. They will probably avoid obstacles that may create hindrances in their ways of living; including relationships. They would rather prefer a relationship with no labels, or with no strings attached. Taurus craves stability and commitment. Plus, both signs are very stubborn. That means clashes are inevitable. 

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Taurus has an eye for their careers and money. And Aquarius would rather spend their time with friends, family, and their community. There are high chances that both will lose respect for each other soon after they realize they are diversely apart. Aquarians think of Taureans to be materialistic. And Taureans establish their opinion about the Aquarians to be irresponsible. Unless both are willing to sacrifice a lot, this pairing will end up being on the list of the most toxic romantic couples.

Aquarius should stay clear of their worst romantic zodiac matches; Pisces, Cancer, and Virgo.

12.  Pisces and Aries

A kind, imaginative, artistic, and compassionate sign that can be forgiving and romantic partners. Pisces is one of the most intuitive as well in astrology. Where it serves as an advantage in most cases, when paired up with Aries, the same traits can become the most negative ones. As Pisces like to live in their imagination, Aries finds it hard to show compassion. Alternately, Aries are impulsive, they act without thinking which can be too much for values-oriented Pisces.

Aries and Pisces are undoubtedly among the most toxic romantic couples because their energies don’t match at all. A part of Aries’s personality that can ruin every relationship is being irresponsible with their words. They can hurt Pisces’s feelings again and again. This is a pattern that they can’t forego even after they apologize for what they said. Pisces can think of Aries to be rude and inconsiderate. Simultaneously, Aries may think of Pisces to be manipulative and juvenile. Plus, they can grow resentment towards Pisces for being painted as the bad guy.

In short, they are toxic to each other in every way possible. Aquarius, Capricorn, and Gemini also stand in line as one of the worst romantic matches for Pisces.

Take Away

The fate of a relationship or a person’s love life should never be judged by zodiac signs alone. Yes, astrology can help highlight some red signs but if you are willing to work, then you can work through anything. Sometimes I feel, that tougher astrological pairings can often be able to create the most beautiful chaos. Think of it this way; if the darkest dark and lightest light join forces, imagine the power couple they could be.

The success of any relationship is never guaranteed. Even the ideal matches can hardly see eye to eye at times. It takes effort, compromise, sacrifices, and failure acceptance to thrive in a relationship. I know, it sounds contradictory but that is what relationships are. Again, is it tough building a healthy relationship? Absolutely. No relationship is easy. If you want it then you can go to great lengths to keep it. Honestly speaking, solid relationships are best described as an uphill battle. The process of making a relationship work may be infuriating but you should never give up.

However, one thing that I would suggest is the most important is to never lose yourself in any relationship especially if it is a toxic romantic relationship. If you have let go of your true self for a relationship that fails to keep you happy then it isn’t worth it be it a perfect match or not. Plus, if you have to give up your all to be with that person then that’s probably not your true soul mate.


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