Trying to figure out what to pack and what not to pack is an obstacle that most women face. Because let’s be clear – we have a lot to take with us for a “good” vacation. It’s no secret that a majority of women tend to overpack. That sometimes leads to forgetting the necessities or becoming overwhelmed with packing itself. Make your life a little easier by letting me help you jot down travel essentials for women. 

Travel Essentials For Women  – 10 Vacation Must-Haves

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Trying to figure out what to pack and what not to pack is an obstacle that most women face. Because let’s be clear – we have a lot to take with us for a “good” vacation. It’s no secret that a majority of women tend to overpack. That sometimes leads to forgetting the necessities or becoming overwhelmed with packing itself. Make your life a little easier by letting me help you jot down travel essentials for women. 

Travel Essentials For Women

The great thing about traveling is not knowing what your next move might be. Although most travels are planned, you can’t be certain if things will ever go as you have them on paper. This is exactly where effective packing comes in. However, I consider packing as an art that is kind of tricky to balance. The vulnerability of not knowing what might happen in your traveling can lead to over or under-pack. So how do you know if you are ready for every adventure? 

10 Must-haves Travel Essentials for Women

I travel often domestically and internationally. With years of trial and error, I have come up with the 10 vacation must-haves for women. These are some of the things I swear by regardless of the destination or duration of the stay. They come with me whereas I go. Also, note that these do not include anything about your family, kids, or pregnancy stuff. Let me know if you would like to read about that too – I would love to write a detailed article on it too. 

1. Water bottle

One of the most important travel essentials for women and men, that people tend to oversee, is packing a lightweight and spill-free water bottle. I never leave my house without my water bottle, even if I am going grocery shopping. I know you can buy a water bottle at every next shop, but my question is WHY? 

If you can carry one with you, you are doing yourself, as well as the world, a favor. You got to act smart. If you have a good water bottle, you can easily toss it in your bag and don’t have to worry about buying water every two hours. When the time comes to refill, you can use any drinking water pitstop or buy a bigger bottle to keep with you in the hotel room and refill your water bottle as needed. 

2. Chargers, adapter, and cord extension

Tech these days are of the utmost necessity. You cannot bear the loss of battery in your phone, tab, or laptop during traveling. Good quality portable chargers are travel essentials without a debate. It is essential to make sure that your portable charger is also charged before you leave for your travel. Plus, it would be best to keep the charging cords with you as well. 

Next in line are the international adapter and extension cord. Not every place you visit will provide you with these, and there is a high chance that the charger head you have might not work with the charging spot supplied. So, it’s better to be prepared than perplexed when the need arrives. Pack them nicely in their own little case like this one

3. Neck pillow

Trust me when I say this – neck pillows are not lame. They are a blessing when you are on a 12-hour road trip or even a 3-hour flight. Traveling in itself is pretty tiring. The journey of going from one place to another can be a pain. Therefore, it’s better to prepare when the push comes to shove, and you have to take your beauty nap regardless of where you are – in the car or on the plane. 

Having a travel-friendly neck pillow is essential for your ease during travel. It’s one of my travel must-haves. And you know what, I sometimes even use my neck pillow as an additional pillow in the hotel room. 

4. Theft-free backpack

If there is one thing you can splurge on, let it be a theft-free backpack or a theft-free bag. It surely is one of the travel essentials for women. If you’re planning to travel to a busy state where you might come across waves of tourists then chances are that among those tourists there will be some pocket pickers. These pocket pickers are extremely smart to weed out the people they can steal from. 

To secure your stuff from getting stolen, I think it’s best to invest in a theft-free backpack. The one I like; you can get from Amazon. It is the Bromen women’s backpack. The bag is spacious and perfect for me to carry around when I am strolling through the city without worrying about pocket pickers. 

5. Hair ties and hair clips

I do believe that hair ties have the holy power to vanish into thin air. They are right in front of you one minute, but the next second they are gone to the place of no return. At every given point in time, I have a minimum of 5 hair ties and 2 hair clips just to be safe. 

I recommend getting a set of neutral and colorful hair ties and clips for your travel. I usually buy mine from Shein. As I can get a bunch of hair accessories at a very good price. You should also check out Shein or Amazon to get some for yourself. 

6. Travel-friendly storage containers

You need these travel-friendly containers that are easy to store and carry around. The GooToob is squeezy and you can store about anything that can be squeezed. Whereas the GoTubb can be used to store everything else. Both of the items are FDA approved, BPA-free, and airplane carry-on approved. 

There are different available sizes to choose from based on your preference. I love most of the GoToob products. I get them from Amazon. The quality is great for the price. It helps me to store my medications, accessories, toiletries, and even snacks without worrying about leaks and spills. You should check it out for yourself. 

Bonus: You should also carry a few, different size, Ziplock bags. They might look like travel essentials for women, but they will come in super handy during your travel. You’ll thank me later.

I get mine from either amazon or any local supply store. 

7. Toiletries

I cannot survive without my toiletries. They are normally the first things I plan and pack for my travel. As there is a list of things that you should be mindful of as a woman while traveling, You can always download my free travel essential for women checklist to have an overall organized packing experience. 

Apart from shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and face wash, these are the things following are often overlooked:

  1. Pads, menstrual cups, or tampons
  2. Wax strips, shavers (with extra shaving heads), epilators
  3. Nail clips, nail filers, a mini foot scrubber, and a pair of tweezers
  4. Travel mirror, floss, travel hairbrush
  5. Sunscreen, after-sun lotion, and soothing sheet masks
  6. Extra toothbrush
  7. Reusable make remover pads
  8. Good skin hydration set depending on your skin type. 
  9. Deodorant and a dry shampoo
  10. Necessary first-aid kit and insect repellent

Once you have gathered everything in one place, put them all in a good’ol toiletries bag so these are out of the way and then you can focus on getting other things done. 

Bonus:  Get a travel bidet to stay clean and fresh. Time has shown us again and again how important it is to stay clean – especially down there. If you are ignorant of your intimate hygiene then you may end up getting UTI, rash, or even yeast infections during travel. 

8. Travel insurance

Travel insurance is a travel must-have for women and men. It may look like a pure waste of money, but you need to waste this money for the time when things might go wrong. You can never be certain of your travel. Even if you are one of the luckiest beings on the planet, I believe, there will be days when accidents happen. 

For those rainy days, having travel insurance will be a blessing. So do not hesitate or overthink wasting this money. It is an utmost necessity and provides a safety net when the situation comes. 

9. Safety kit or a Pepper Spray

Although most airports will not allow the regular safety kit for obvious security reasons, you can always carry a pepper spray with you. It breaks my heart to say that traveling is still not safe for women. While this may be the case for most travelers but the incidents of teasing, abuse, name-calling, inappropriate touching, and use of force are far more common among women than men. Therefore, some form of self-defense thingy is among the travel essentials for women. 

I would highly recommend carrying a permittable container of pepper spray in your luggage. According to TSA Security Screening a 4 fl. Oz. or 118ml container is permitted in checked baggage. However, it’s best to call your airline ahead of time before packing anything that may be prohibited. If you have doubts, then it’s best to be sure by checking it with the specific airline you will be traveling with.  

10. The obvious list:

Some things are a given for stress-free travel. Apart from your passport, visas, other important documents, and paperwork these are the other half of travel essentials for women: 

Staples: white t-shirt or a crop top, jeans, and a pair of sneakers can never go wrong. You can always dress them up according to the occasion. The type of staples you pack depends on the weather. So, choose them wisely. Bear in mind to pack for the destination. As some places will require you to dress more modestly. Like when I visited Istanbul, the city is very modern but when we are visiting the Hagia Sophia mosque, I had to cover my head with a scarf and wear modest clothes. Luckily, I was wearing a long modest skirt and I had a scarf in my backpack, we were saved. 

Statement pieces: When I travel, I like to pack a couple of statement pieces in terms of clothes and jewelry. Do not overpack night out of formal dresses if they are not required. Just a few will do the job plus you can always play around and come up with a different look with the same dress by switching a few things here and there. 

Undergarments: I would highly suggest packing a pair of undergarments for each day of your travel + 2 extra. As I mentioned, I am high on hygiene and I don’t want to repeat wearing the same undergarments I wore yesterday to my day out and about. Another thing is to also pack a few cozy ones because you can’t comfortably dawn a wired bra 24/7 without it poking through your ribcage. YKIYK

Shoes: Yeah, you won’t be wearing heels all the time. I know that you feel you can wear heels anywhere anytime but if you care about your legs then get some comfy flats, platforms, or something that you can walk on for hours. I prefer my Sketchers above everything else. You should also check them out. 

Makeup and skincare: If you are going to a sunny and summery place, then I would suggest keeping it light on the makeup. However, if you are a makeup lover, then try going for things that are apt for the weather. Packing everything you have in that drawer is only going to complicate your life even more. Get a cute makeup bag to organize all your stuff and keep it safe. Whereas, you can go a little extra on skincare. Hydrating and healing lip balms are my holy grail in skincare. I love the Burt bees ones. It’s cheap gets the job done and I don’t cry even If I lose it around the travel. 

Medications: If you take medication for a health concern and you will be carrying those meds with you, don’t forget to get a letter from your doctor. Other than that, pack a few ibuprofens (or your preferred pain killer). Be sure to not pack a bunch of pills that have barely any use on your travel. Be concise and informed about the things you are packing. The best thing is to pack your medications in a travel case. I swear by the EZY Dose Cut ‘N’ Crush. It even has a pill slicer and crusher. 

Your Phone: Your phone should be updated for travel – contacts, saves places, apps, and security. It’s awesome to have your phone with you but copy some important numbers and addresses in a pocket diary. Secondly, save places on google maps. You can also download apps to keep a track of your travel itinerary as well as keep your family or friends updated on your location for safety reasons. 


If you want to have a peaceful trip, then invest the time to organize your packing. Give a day or two before the actual hour of travel to pack all of your travel essentials. Procrastinating is not going to help you one bit. Research about the destination you will be visiting to pack what you will be needing so you don’t end up over or under-packing. 

You can download the checklists I have added to this article or get them and more from my Facebook page. If you want something customizable you can also contact me through my socials. I am all here to help you every step of the way. 

Happy packing!

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