You are almost at the end of your 1st trimester. The hormones in your body are starting to level. This will definitely ease the morning sickness in the coming days this week if it hasn’t already. Some new and some amazing symptoms might show up at week 11.

Week 11 – Pregnancy Development, Symptoms, and More

You are almost at the end of your 1st trimester. The hormones in your body are starting to level. This will definitely ease the morning sickness in the coming days this week if it hasn’t already. Some new and some amazing symptoms might show up at week 11.

Continue your healthy diet and stay active through some prenatal exercise routines. Maintaining a healthy weight gain is very important to have a healthy pregnancy ahead.

How many months are 11 weeks?

At 11 weeks you are in your 3rd month of pregnancy. In just one week you will be ending the 1st trimester and starting the 2nd trimester which, I like to call the golden pregnancy period. Good luck! 6 months or 29 weeks to go.

Baby Development

Your baby has almost mastered the art of moving inside your belly. As all the essential organs and parts of the baby are formed, the rest of the pregnancy will be all about development and growth. A doppler will come in very handy in keeping track of your baby’s heartbeat and movements.

How big is the baby at week 11?

Week 11

At week 11, your baby is as big as a lime. Your baby measures around 1.5 – 2.5 inches long and weighs about 0.25 ounces. The head of the baby is almost the same size as the rest of the body. Although this will change in the coming weeks, the current head to body ratio is 1:1.

So many developments are taking place this week.

Rounder head and sharper features

The head is taking a rounder shape and the hair follicles are beginning to develop, not just on the head but all around the body. While the facial features are becoming distinct and complex. The ears are in the final stage of development.

The cute little button nose is working on opening the nasal passages this week. Moreover, the mouth is developing a palate, teeth continue to develop in the gums and the eyes are starting to look like proper human eyes with eyelids that can close.

Finger and fingernails

The hands are the feet are placed in front. The fingers and toes aren’t webbed anymore. As each finger and toe is now an individual digit, the finger and toe nailbeds are starting to develop.

Testosterone and ovaries

The genitalia is in the last stage of development. The boys have started to produce testosterones and the girls are developing ovaries. Just a few more weeks to go and you will able to find out about the gender of the baby by 16 – 18 weeks.

Your belly at week 11

You are showing the baby bump and you are feeling pretty pregnant as well. But it can be tough to tell if that’s the baby or just gas. Most first-time-moms don’t show prominently at 11 weeks as compared to second-time mamas.

The belly is taking a rounder shape in the pelvic area. Your pants might be getting uncomfortable too. Yes! You will need to shop for maternity clothes. And don’t worry, there are many stylish maternity clothes options as well.

Pregnancy Symptoms

At week 11, you might be fortunate enough to experience glowing skin, stronger nails, and luscious hair as your “pregnancy symptom”. Although, there are equal chances of experiencing blemishes and acne, dark spots and lines, and unwanted hair growth all over the body! Yes… that’s a pregnancy symptom too.

Some of the other pregnancy symptoms you will be experiencing are:

Bloating and passing gas

Progesterone causes the muscle tissues in your body to relax. This muscle relaxation causes the gastrointestinal tract to slow down digestion. Although this is very good for your baby as the digestion slows down, the higher nutrients can be extracted from the food which is then passed on to the baby through the bloodstream. 

But for the mama, the muscle relaxation results in bloating, passing gas, and burping – all the time. This bloating, passing gas and burping will not get any better anytime soon, or at least till the baby is delivered safely. 

All you can do to minimize this symptom is to stay away from foods that may cause gas and bloat. Cabbage, beans, lentils, broccoli, etc are few examples of gassy food.

Sore Breasts

Your baby bump might not have changed a lot but the breasts are almost a cup size bigger than what they use to be pre-pregnancy. The roadmap of these blue veins will directly take you to the areola. The increased blood circulation is causing all that change in size and insensitivity. The nipples might be sensitive to touch and might also be poking out a little more than usual this week.

Invest in some comfy and stretchy maternity bras. Sports bras and bra extenders may also be useful at this point. You can also buy a couple of nursing bras as they are very comfortable and have the room to accommodate a growing breast.


Heartburn is the little sister of morning sickness. I hate them both equally. Also known as indigestion or acid reflux. It is a very common pregnancy symptom that usually starts in the second trimester and gets a little worst in the third trimester.

Avoid spicy and greasy food. Also, eat in small portions. If the heartburn gets severe, ask your doctor about which antacids are okay for you to use to prevent the heartburn.


You are tired all the time, even without doing anything physically. It is normal and okay. Your body is not just working for the baby’s development but the placenta is also in the development stage. Once the placenta is complete the energy levels will get better. Listen to your body, rest when you feel like you should.

Eat healthy snacks like fruits, cheese, and nuts to keep your blood sugar level from dropping too low. Exercise whenever and as little as you can.

Things to take care of at week 11

  1. Check with your doctor about when you will be getting your first-trimester screen which will include an ultrasound for the baby’s measurement and overall development and a blood test.
  2. Shop for maternity clothes
  3. Continue your prenatal supplements

When to call a doctor

Alert your doctor if you experience:

  1. Severe pelvic cramps
  2. Vaginal discharge with foul odor accompanied by itching, streaks of blood, rash, and yellow or green color
  3. Fever with chills and light-headedness
  4. Severe body aches
  5. Extreme nausea and dehydration

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