Week 12 marks the end of the first trimester just around the corner. Thriving through the first trimester is a big milestone for you and your baby. The chances of a miscarriage are dropped significantly. Therefore, it is a great time to tell your family about your big happy news (if you haven’t already).

Week 12 – Pregnancy Development, Symptoms, and More

Week 12 marks the end of the first trimester just around the corner. Thriving through the first trimester is a big milestone for you and your baby. The chances of a miscarriage are dropped significantly. Therefore, it is a great time to tell your family about your big happy news (if you haven’t already).

The second trimester is the best part of the pregnancy. It will bring a boost of energy for you as the hormones will level down. You will get your senses back. Moreover, the morning sickness will be gone for good. Even though you might be feeling worst due to old and new pregnancy symptoms, you can still try to focus on self-care. 

The second trimester is also a great time to travel before your little one arrives. So, pack your bags and get ready for a babymoon.

How many months are 12 weeks?

At 12 weeks, you are in your 3rd month of pregnancy. Your second trimester will begin with the start of your 4th month or 14th week. Hold on tight! 28 weeks or 6 more months to go.

Baby Development

As all the essential organs and body parts take their places and tasks. The baby is entering the stage of maturity, the major task of the baby is to grow and develop the organs and the tissues rapidly.

The baby is learning reflexes like sucking and loves to move around very frequently.

How big is the baby at week 12?

Week 12 Pregnancy

Your baby is as big as a plum at 12 weeks. The baby measures around 2.5 inches long and weighs about 0.5 ounces. The baby has almost doubled in size since the 8th week or the start of this month.

Physical Features

The head continues to get rounder in shape and the facial features are getting more prominent. The eyes are getting closer to each other. The nasal passage on the tip of the nose is developing very quickly. The mouth is developing the palate and the gums are busy developing the teeth.

The hair follicles all over the body are forming. As the hands and feet nailbeds get formed, the fingernails and toenails are starting to develop. The baby is opening and closing the fingers and curling the toes spontaneously this week.

Organs and Systems

The brain is developing very fast. The pituitary gland which is located at the base of the brain has started to produce hormones. These hormones will allow your baby to make babies of their own in the next couple of decades.

The white blood cells are being produced in the bone marrow which will help your baby fight the bacteria in the womb and afterward. The digestive system is up and flexing its muscles. The baby’s stomach is producing digestive juices and the kidneys are producing urine.

The genitalia is almost done forming but still, they are too small to be seen on an ultrasound. You will be able to find out the gender of the baby through an ultrasound by the 16th week.

Your belly at week 12

You are likely to show a baby belly at the 12th week. Your uterus is almost the size of a grapefruit. This week, your uterus will take a position in the front center of your abdomen. If you have a twin pregnancy then your uterus will be growing much sooner and bigger.

Most second-time moms are showing a bigger baby belly than most first-time moms. Even if you are not showing much, don’t worry. Every pregnancy is different. You will be showing the belly in the coming weeks.

You might be able to fit in your old clothes but the clothes are getting a little tighter especially around the breasts. It’s better to invest a little in maternity clothes. There are so many good options and styles you can choose from.

Pregnancy Symptoms – Week 12

With the start of week 12, your body will begin to enter the normal stage. As the hormonal levels start to normalize, your body is sure to get a breather from fatigue. Other pregnancy symptoms like frequent urination, nausea, morning sickness, and food aversions may fade away. This will positively help you gain some weight during this week.

But other pregnancy symptoms are ready to take the empty spot.

Dizziness and headaches

Hormonal shifts and a drop in blood sugar levels are responsible for all these headaches and dizziness. Things like stress, excessive exertions, dehydration, and lack of sleep may also cause headaches.

To prevent dizziness, keep your blood sugar level normal. Snack healthy and often, stay hydrated, get up slowly and rest when you need to. To prevent headaches, notice the triggers and then avoid doing things that might be causing the headaches.

Skin pigmentation

Skin pigmentation is a very common pregnancy symptom that is experienced by 90 percent of pregnant mommies. Women with deeper skin tones are more likely to experience skin pigmentation.

The changes in hormones cause your skin cells to produce more melanin. Which results in darker lines around the neck and belly, moles, spots, and skin overall. Even your areolas will get darker in the shade as the pregnancy progresses.

To minimize the pigmentation around your body use SPF of 30 or above and consume folic acid. You can get folic acid from foods like dark green leafy veggies, whole grains, whole wheat, and oranges. Prenatal supplements are also great when it comes to providing the required minerals and vitamins to your body during pregnancy.


At week 12, you might notice some discharge. Leukorrhea is a common and natural phenomenon. Your body produces and excretes a milky, odorless, and thin discharge now and then to protect the vagina from getting any infection. It is important to note that a discharge with the following indications may be a sign of an infection.

  • a foul odor
  • yellow, green, or brown streaks
  • hinges of blood
  • accompanied by rash and itchiness around the vulva
  • and pain during urination

Sore and sensitive breasts

Breast tenderness is one of the symptoms that is going to continue till the end of your pregnancy. Your body is supplying excess blood to your breasts to make them a 24/7 milk-producing machine. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy comfy maternity bras to prevent your breasts from any further pain than they already are in. Try using ice packs on your chest to ease some soreness.

Things to take care of at week 12

  1. Schedule your 16-week or 4th-month prenatal visit
  2. Pay attention to your diet. Be mindful of what you should eat and ignore during pregnancy
  3. Get a good SPF of 30 or higher to protect your sensitive skin from sun damage
  4. Invest in maternity clothes and bras
  5. Stay active and hydrated

When to call a doctor

The risk of miscarriage drops significantly in the second trimester and at the very end of the first trimester. Still, it is important to take good care of yourself and alert the doctor of your experience:

  1. Abnormal bleeding with severe pelvic cramps
  2. Vaginal discharge which is a foul odor, ill-colored (yellow, green, or brown), and accompanied by a rash
  3. Pelvic cramps that last more than 12 hours.
  4. Vomiting or nausea more than 2-3 times a day.

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