Finally! Week 13 is the last week of the first trimester. You have covered one-third of the journey already. Many more changes await as you progress and grow through your pregnancy. Most parents love making baby announcements to their friends and family. 

Week 13 – Pregnancy Development, Symptoms, and More

Finally! Week 13 is the last week of the first trimester. You have covered one-third of the journey already. Many more changes await as you progress and grow through your pregnancy. Most parents love making baby announcements to their friends and family. However, it is completely your decision if, when, and to whom you would like to spread the news.

Plan whatever fun you want to have during the second trimester especially activities like traveling. Whatever you plan, just be careful with things that you should be avoided during pregnancy.

How many months are 13 weeks?

At week 13, you are in your 3rd month of pregnancy. This is the last week of the first trimester and in just a couple more days you will be entering the golden phase of the pregnancy – the Second trimester.

Baby Development

The baby keeps growing and developing with every passing hour. 15 million cells are proliferating every hour. the tissues in the organs and part of the body grow rapidly. With all the essential organs and systems in place and on duty, the baby is learning new reflexes and the skin of the baby starts to come into play.

How big is the baby at week 13?

Week 13 Pregnancy

Your baby is as big as a lemon at 13th week. The baby measures around 3 inches long and weighs about 0.80 ounces. The body proportion has changed as well. The head of the baby measures roughly 1/3 of the total body.

Organs taking place

A new development this week will be the return of the intestines to the abdomen of the baby. At first, the intestines were growing in the cavity outside the uterus. But now it’s the assembly time when most of your baby’s organs will begin to take their proper placement. The placenta continues to grow and provide the essentials to the baby. Most placentas are completely developed by the 18th week. The placenta will weigh 1-2 pounds at birth.

Vocal cords and reflexes

The baby is also working on setting up the vocal cords. The tissues around the head, arms, and legs are also forming into bones. The baby is moving spontaneously in the belly and may even start to suck on its thumb in the coming week.

Pee in the sac

Kidneys are working fully and the baby has probably even started to pee in the amniotic fluid. Yes! The amniotic fluid will contain your baby’s pee – in a large quantity, from this week onwards till the baby is born.

Gender reveal

The genitalia has formed completely and you can ask your doctor about the gender of the baby in your 16th-week prenatal check-up.

Your belly at week 13

The uterus is growing from a size of a grapefruit to a size of a papaya. Your baby belly will continue to expand and you might be showing a noticeable bump by now. Even if you are not, don’t worry. Different body types react differently to the baby bump. If you and your baby are healthy, you are good to go.

If you haven’t yet bought some maternity clothes, It’s time when you should. You will be much more comfortable and will feel easy in clothes with some extra room.

As your belly will only grow till the birth of your baby, stretch marks may start to appear sometime around the end of the second trimester. Stretch marks are very common and 90 percent of moms deal with some kind of stretch marks. However, you can always minimize the severity of the stretch marks by following few easy steps from now onwards. 

Pregnancy Symptoms – Week 13

Hormones are settling in. It will ease you up as many of the early pregnancy symptoms will fade away. The start of the second trimester will bring a boost of energy for you. You will feel more like yourself. Undoubtedly, the second trimester will be your golden pregnancy period. Therefore, plan it accordingly.

For some women, symptoms like headaches, bloating, congestion, constipation, and sore breasts may still wander around during the second trimester.

Every part of the pregnancy has some or other symptoms. Your body is growing a baby and there will be changes happening to your body throughout the pregnancy. Some symptoms during the second trimester might bother you like heartburn, emotional outbursts, skin pigmentation. While others will be lucky enough to have symptoms like pregnancy glow, strong nails, and hair.

Symptoms you might experience this week are:

Leukorrhea or vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharges can sometimes be very irritating. But trust me, these vaginal discharges are happening for the good. They protect the birth canal from any infections and bacteria which might get to your baby eventually. A thin, milky, odorless discharge cleans the birth canal and prevents infections.

Try wearing panty liners to save your underwear from a mess. Avoid using a douche or a tampon.

Sex drive

With all the extra vaginal discharge, you are deemed to feel either an increased sex drive or a zero drive for sex. If you are feeling the increased drive, I say you go, girl. Enjoy your time with your partner while you can. However, if you are not in any mood for sex, talk to your partner and let them know how you feel. Communication is the key here.

Ligament pains

As the tissue surrounding your uterus stretches you can feel sudden sharp pelvic pains. Especially when you move or get up quickly. Therefore, take your time while changing positions and standing up. No rush!

Many women experience leaky breasts, heartburn, pregnancy acne, skin pigmentation, increased overall hair growth, strong nails, and a major boost of energy. Symptoms during the second trimester won’t be half as bad as the first trimester.

how to deal with pregnancy symptoms

Fun fact: Most women start making breastmilk as early as 13-14 weeks during their pregnancy.

Just stay hydrated, eat healthily, and don’t forget to just push in a 15-minute prenatal workout session only 3-4 times a week.

Things to take care of at week 13

Make the most of your second trimester within the safety limits for pregnancy. Be mindful of the things you should do and things to avoid during pregnancy.

  1. Shop for maternity clothes and bras if you haven’t already
  2. Plan your babymoon
  3. Get a pregnancy-safe spa trip
  4. Keep a check on your healthy weight gain

When to call a doctor

The risk of miscarriage drops significantly in the second trimester and at the very end of the first trimester. Still, it is important to take good care of yourself and alert the doctor when your experience:

  1. Abnormal bleeding with severe pelvic cramps
  2. Vaginal discharge which contains foul odor, ill-colored (yellow, green, or brown) and accompanied by a rash
  3. Pelvic cramps that last more than 12 hours.
  4. Vomiting or nausea more than 2-3 times a day.

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